Our Focus

Our investment thesis

We believe that there are fundamental shifts underway in technology innovation and consumer adoption of digital products, devices and services, as well as improved digital infrastructure, plus a proliferation of back-able entrepreneurs and young businesses; all leading to a dramatic increase in investable opportunities in the MENA region and globally. We are witnessing the early days of a massive technology renaissance and also huge consumer behavioural change, as well as the emergence of venture financing as an increasingly widely available and recognised source of funding for entrepreneurs and high growth businesses. It’s a time where high growth, innovative young businesses, or even established international technology players looking to access the emerging markets, need an experienced investment partner who will help them grow and truly capitalise on their potential, regionally and internationally, helping connect them to new markets, customers and other business partners or investors.

Our sectorsWe work with
IT Early Stage
Communications Later Stage

Our interest is in funding management teams who have a clear vision and the drive to make a big difference with their products and services, together with the strategic and operational capabilities and resource to plan for and actively respond to market and customer changes and challenges along the way.

We invest across several stages

Early stage
We invest in young companies that have a launched product or service and are already revenue generating, or may even be breakeven or profitable, across all of our target geographies, and in management teams with passion and the strategic and operational capability to deliver. Early stage investments are typically from $1 million to $2 million.

Later stage
Our growth stage investments are in proven management teams that have fully figured out their products, services and business models, generating already tangible revenues, and that can grow their businesses to become market leaders. Our investment sizes in this stage will range from $2 million to $5 million.

We invest in digital products, applications or services that excite customers across IT / Internet / Communications / Media / Entertainment

We are interested in product and service companies as well as enabling technologies in our three specific areas of interest: IT/ Internet; Communications; and Media / Entertainment. These industries continue to experience constant and on-going technological and consumer change, giving rise to very attractive growth opportunities for emerging players. We believe these markets offer an enormous field of investment scope and opportunities for profitable success well into the future. As a specialized investor with significant experience, contacts and the blue chip backing of our partner STC Group, we are uniquely positioned to exploit complementarities between these overlapping sectors and help companies grow.