VC Legal Guide to Catalyse MENA VC Deals


Dubai, 19 March 2012 – The MENA Private Equity Association has launched a VC legal documentation guide designed to give entrepreneurs a practical understanding of the basic terms involved in a venture capital transaction.

The guide focuses on issues specific to the Middle East and North Africa, and also includes a standard term-sheet template format. Standardized documents help acquaint entrepreneurs with the investment process and simplify transactions for investors. Templates reduce transaction costs and time, while promoting fair legal norms throughout the industry.

“We are confident that this guide will make VC funding easier to access and understand, especially for entrepreneurs who are approaching VCs for the first time,” said Jeanette Lepper, Manager, MENA Private Equity Association. “Ultimately by making the deal process easier, we expect the number of deals to increase significantly, thereby channeling more funds into new ideas and new businesses in the region.”

A copy of the Report, in both English and Arabic can be downloaded at:

Regular updates to the documentation guide and standard term sheet will also be posted on the same link.